The Mold Removal Process

If you do decide to go directly into the mold removal process, we highly recommend that you hire an inspector separate from the restoration company hired to complete post remediation clearance testing. Whenever a professional is brought in to clean an area, they use a containment as the work they are doing is actually releasing a significant amount of mold spores into the air. At the same time they run air scrubbers to filter out these spores and return the area to normal. Clearance testing is done by taking an air sample from within a containment area to make sure the air has returned to normal. This should be done before the rebuild process so the company hired can do additional work if necessary.

Here is a quick recap for how our process works:
  • Call or Email us to Schedule an Appointment
  • Visual Assessment of Property
  • Tests Sent into Independent Lab for Analysis
  • Client and Inspector Receive Lab Results
  • Inspector Provides Client with Detailed Protocol for Mold Remediation (If Necessary)
  • Clearance Testing (If Necessary)
  • Full Customer Support Throughout

Some people seem to be skeptical about choosing a nationwide company rather than a local company. We actually take pride in the fact that we are nationwide and have no problem letting our client know that. We can assure you that even though our company services multiple major metro areas, we have just as much local presence and do just as much if not more business in your area as any other inspector you would choose. On top of that, dealing with a larger company brings something to the table that simply isn’t there with an independent inspector. Having the inspector be an employee creates a nice system of checks and balances. Not only do our experts in the office look over reports and go to each other for advice when they are unsure of a problem, but it also protects the customer. If you are unhappy with your independent inspector, you will complain to them and that will be it; they don’t have to worry about any sort of discipline. With MI&T, we take any complaints we get from a customer seriously. If we feel the problem is serious enough or complaints are reoccurring, we have no problem letting the inspector go in hopes of finding a better one to take their place. This ensures that each of our customers is getting the most out of their money and a qualified, hardworking inspector to evaluate their property.

We appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and hope that you have learned everything you need to know about this subject. If you have other inquiries, want to ask something specific about your home or business, or would like to schedule an appointment please give us a call at 855-600-6653 and we will be happy to assist you.

Phoenix Arizona Mold Inspection | Phoenix Arizona Mold Testing

Welcome to the home of the largest mold inspection only company in the nation; Phoenix Mold Inspection & Testing. Offering air and surface sample collection to determine the presence and source of indoor mold growth. When hired before a mold removal, the report we provide offers a detailed protocol for what needs to be done to remedy a situation. At the very least we should be used after an Arizona mold remediation company is hired to perform a clearance test. This will ensure the company you hired carried out all the necessary steps and have in fact brought you air quality back to normal levels.

If this is the first time that you have heard or dealt with the possibility that mold is negatively impacting your home or business; you are not alone. Dealing with indoor air quality symptoms from mold like feeling sick, strange smells, or odd sights is unfamiliar territory for most people. Questions that you have are similar or the same to many we have answered in the past. Our certified inspectors have performed numerous inspections on properties with situations just like yours. We are here to help and are happy to answer any questions that you may have prior, during, or after an appointment is made.

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